09-10-2004, 08:48 PM
Hey Guys,
I have a little contest for all of you who love making pics whether in paint or however. I'm not gonna give you much for guidlines or how I want this to be done. This is for a video I'm making for the softball team for the end of the season.

*Incorporate Softball as main thing
*Somewhere either put on it
-Westminster Christian Academy Varsity Softball
-Westminster Christian Academy Softball
-WCA Varsity Softball
-WCA Softball
-WCAS(preferably not)
*Keep it kind of simple, but not too simple
*A total of 22 entries could be used
*Winners get the wonderful enjoyment of knowing that they helped someone and that they got used in a video and their name will be in the credits.

To anyone who tries it, a pre thanks is in order. Let's just say that this contest will be officially over on September 28. That's because I need to have the whole video done around October 10-15.

09-13-2004, 03:20 PM
doesnt really look like anyones interested.

id help, but i dont know squat bout graphic design

09-14-2004, 03:54 AM
i'll have a go ZP, just gimme a couple of days, ok? will post some lil pics then and see wot ya think :P

09-15-2004, 04:10 AM
I got one!

If you whant anything else issted tell me!

09-15-2004, 03:26 PM
here's a wee simple logo....thot blue and black looked good...wotcha think?

09-15-2004, 05:46 PM
I like these ones! They're good and better than what I can make for this stuff.