10-28-2004, 11:31 AM
i love skillet! you know i meet them for the first time at jam fest in great america and i was holding something in my hand and john whent to give me a high five and my fist was closed. after i walked away i was like o man, i hope that he does not think that i have poleo or something. i told my friend about it and she said that i cannot believe that you gave him a retarted high five and i was like yeah i know. i am so embaresed i want to see them again an explain to him what happened but i dont think that i will see him and i also do not think that he will remember. well i gotta bounce.
God bless
peace easy :afro:

05-27-2005, 09:49 AM
lol.... He'll get over it.I know this is an old thread but still you(if you even come on anymore)shouldn't worry about silly stuff like that.It will only make your brain hurt and thats no fun.
Look, if it makes you feel any better when i met john from sfo I forgot to thank him for taking a picture with us.My cousin and I just ran off back to the concert because another band was playing.
Not meaning to be rude It just slipped my mind at the time though I do love sfo I didn't even tell him that. See we all mess up its not the end of the world.