02-12-2005, 08:43 AM
At the Ground Floor in Grandville. Who is going, and who wants to meet me there. Hey, my name is Ryan Vander Molen. I had plans to meet my buddy Nate tonight at the show. However, i cant get a hold of him. Last i knew, (last week) he was going for sure, but i called his cell yesterday, and it wasn't him. I don't know if he switched phones or what.

So, i may or may not have someone to hang out with tonight at the show. But either way, i'd love to meet some more panheads from the GR area. If you're going to the show tonight, i'll see you there.

Oh, and if you want any info about me, just ask. I'm a sophmore at GVSU, i have an older pic of me in my profile, and i lead worship for college class and middle school at my church.