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Before I get to the puzzles, I'll give the details.

The rules:

Please do not post in this thread. Any queries you have, post them in the Skynes' Puzzles Questions thread. NOT here. Posts put here will be moved to the questions thread, or deleted (Mod's choice)

Any guesses at answers MUST be PMed to me, I don't want the puzzles spoiled for anyone cause one person posted the answer.

I'm going to post a puzzle, they can be mathematical, logic based, riddle, wordp uzzle etc.

You have one week to solve it.

Next Monday (unless I forget or am swamped with work) I will post the answer, along with a new puzzle for the week.

If I get asked enough, I'll post a hint.

I will put up a list of all the people who got the right answer along with the correct answer in this thread.

Please help me make this good.

Puzzle 1. Until 12 December 2005.

Disregarding mirror images and rotations: There is ONE solution to this.

It can be solved logically.

You have a 3x3 grid. Much like Tic Tac Toe. That's 3 rows and 3 columns.
You have the numbers 1 to 9

Place the numbers in the grid, using each number ONLY once, so that every Row, Column and Both Diagonals all add up to EXACTLY 15 (Fifteen)

Link to Skynes' Puzzle Questions. (

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Correct Answers are in order of who got it first.


12-12-2005, 06:20 AM
Poles are closed. Only had 3 entries... and they all won...

The answer is thus:


Best way to work it out is this:

Find how many number combinations reach 15 using then umber 9.

9 + 5 + 1 = 15
9 + 4 + 2 = 15

There are no others.
You now know that 9 MUST be in a side, diagonals require 3 matchs ups, the centre tile requires 6. Sides require 2.
So 9 is in a side.

Do the same with 7 and 8. That gets you


and the rest is easy from there.


This is a real toughy

If you use the same functions, in the same way each time. Replace the ? with the correct number for the puzzle.

21 - 5
- 24 -
17 - 7

28 - 13
- 30 -
25 - 7

16 - 2
- ?? -
10 - 8

Since this is a tough un, Ill give hints.

Only basic functions are used - Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction, Division.

ALL 4 of them are used. Your next hint (if I get asked for one) will be what combination they go in.

Overall: By doing something with the numbers in the first block, you get the number in the middle. Same for the second.

What I want is for you to work out HOW to get the number in the middle and do it for the last one.

To complete the puzzle you need to PM me:

The answer.
How you did it.

12-19-2005, 04:51 AM
Not a single right answer... Not even a guess.
I suppose that one was too hard eh?

The answer is 30.

The formula is like this, using the first block

21 - 5
- 24 -
17 - 7

21 - 17 = 4
Divide 4 by 2 = 2

5+7 = 12
2 * 12 = 24.

so overall it would be

(BL - TL)/2 * (TR + BR)

16 - 2
- ?? -
10 - 8

(16 - 10)/2 * (2 + 8 )
(6)/2 * (10)
3 * 10

You follow?

This week's puzzle is in the picture.

There are 12 matchsticks in the picture.
Move ONLY 2 of them, to make 7 squares in total.

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Ok, since it's been Christmas and everyone's still getting back into routine... And the fact this thread was probably forgotten, I'm giving until Next Monday to answer the above question.


Don't post questions here, but them in the Skynes' Question thread (link at top of page)

PM the answers to me.

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Current solvers of the puzzle:


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Shouldn't that be singular: Solver


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Here's the answer.
Sorry I'm a bit behind in looking up a new puzzle, I'll get a new one up soon.