02-26-2006, 05:24 PM
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The Supreme Court has always been the hallmark of the American Judicial system. Since the days of the Federalist Party, the American Supreme Court has handed down legislation to help shape what our country is, through banning segregation, legalizing abortion and regulating interstate commerce.

It's said that every dog has its day, and this dog has certainly has its day today. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had to have been a model citizen to begin with to be appointed to the Supreme Court, and that's demonstrated here better than it could be anywhere else.

Being a Supreme Court Justice, I would imagine that most of your time would be spent reviewing cases, or pondering the meaning of life, however that's not the case for this individual. He found it within himself to speak at the National Wild Turkey Federation's convention in the most important city in the United States, hell, the most important city in the World, Nashville, TN.

He talked about his days of riding the New York City subway with a rifle in his hands, that's the American way of doing things. If it doesn't involve guns, red meat or anything else that manly, you obviously aren't an American. This mans patriotism shines as bright as the sun, hunting for meat with a gun, that involves 2 of the things that constitudes a man in America.

I also want to recognize CNN for posting this article on the FRONT PAGE of the United States news section. Out of everything that is happening in the United States right now, they chose to post an article of this much importance, kudos to them.