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I have absolutely no idea where I got the inspiration to write this, none at all.

George Jefferson Franklin was quite upset at his parents. Out of the blue they had come into his bedroom and told him that they were moving to an island town that had been built up a few years ago. Everything on NW Island was brand new since a few Joint-Stock companies had seen the opportunity for gain by expanding to NW Island.
He spent his last days at home in northern Virginia with his friends, trying to have a few last ounces of fun before the move to the remote island. He had a good time, and created many good memories until the time finally came to move out. It was a gloomy day as he boarded the plane to fly out to NW Island.
The flight was boring, all he got to do was watch the salty sea water flow in the ocean below him. Soon, the plane landed and he had his first taste of NW Island. It could have been called a paradise since the rich atmosphere was filled with all sorts of natural resources, and an endless amount of trees.
They moved into their new home one week before school started. He used his time to acquaint himself with a lot of the neighborhood kids. He first met little Pan Ama from Central America. Pan was a great guy, they had a lot of fun hanging out and playing video games.
Soon, NW High school started up, and they went into school. The classes weren't that bad, they were just 2 faces among the crowd. The teachers were the best and brightest that the last graduating class of colleges nation wide had put out. They were specially flown in by the company's that owned the island to make sure the children had the best education possible.
School out here was much more difficult, and the non-studious nature of George made him a slacker for the first few weeks. He realized that in order to be on the same level as his classmates he would have to pick up the slack, which he did.
After his first year at NW High, he had a 4.0 GPA. Pan had a 4.0 GPA too, the 2 of them were still best of friends. They spent the first half of summer together until a girl named Englance moved in next door. She was very beautiful, George found himself instantly attracted to her. He casually walked over to her house and the 2 of them spent a while talking.
They did this for days and days as Pan looked on. He felt sad that his only friend on the island had left him for some girl named Englance. They returned to school a month later. By that point, George and Englance were going out with one another, and Pan had no friends.
Englance was instantly at the top of the social ladder. George found himself up there too, since he was dating Englance. He enjoyed immense amounts of popularity during the next 19 months of his relationship with her.
Kaizer-Hungy, a boy from Germany moved onto NW Island, and he was instantly disliked by a good portion of the student body. However, he quickly made friends, powerful ones at that. The captain of the High School Football team, Franklin Truman noticed how quickly he was gaining popularity and beating the younger kids up for their lunch money.
He wanted no part in stopping Kaizer since Kaizer too was a very strong person. Soon, even Pan had been beat up by Kaizer and his followers. Finally, he tried to make a move on Englance which infuriated both George and Franklin Truman.
The 2 of them went to Kaizer and beat him up in the cafeteria in what went on to be called 'Cafeteria War 1'. They were both satisfied with what they had done, they felt like they had rid NW High School of the worst type of person.
However, the D hall of NW High School, (Where Kaizer had spent most of his time) was thrown into chaos. Without his mighty managing hand, they began to crumble, that is until Adaalf Smitler exercised his control over the body of D hall. Both George and Franklin watched as Adaalf began terrorizing the student body again.
Soon, Adaalf was trying to make a move on Englance, George, Franklin and their new friend Joseph Ztalin realized that like Kaizer, Adaalf had to be stopped. In what was later called 'Cafeteria War 2', they defeated the evil forces of Adaalf.
Ztalin retreated to his native B Hall, where he massed a great army of jocks and other powerful students. George and Franklin watched as his form of ruling C Hall known as 'Kamunism' spread its awful hand into A Hall.
They realized that this had to be stopped. They massed their forces and marched into A Hall, getting into a costly struggle with a boy named Morea who was trying to use Kamunism to his advantage. They pushed Morea back to his half of C Hall, not wanting to loose any more of their valuable fighters, they decided to keep him at his original border near the physics room in a standoff.
Next, Kamunism began to sprout up in E Hall, under the lead of a boy named Miet-Nam, who had just moved to NW Island from an undisclosed country near Laos and Cambodia. Miet tried to take the southern half of E Hall, but was soon pushed back by George and Franklin all the way to the end of the hall. Miet launched the 'Met offensive' and quickly pushed George and Franklin back, to the point where they decided to pack up and leave the hall declaring it a complete loss at the classroom number 1973 known as Maigon.
George and Franklin both saw another boy, named Sakkam in G Hall that invaded a small classroom known as Muwait. They both decided to intervene, and they went in defeating Sakkam's forces and restoring justice and order to Muwait.
However, 1 Semester later George and Franklin both began to grow nervous. They feared that Sakkam had possession of a paper cutter, the most dangerous weapon known to NW High school. Only George, Franklin and Englance had their own paper cutters, they were in no position to let any other student have one.
They quickly attacked G Hall again, not finding one. However, it was harder to hold down the area than they anticipated. They watched as a boy named Eye-Ran in K Hall was trying to get Paper cutters of his own. George and Franklin marched in there and took him out.
Soon, they had complete control over half the halls in school. They realized that they had to use more pre-emptive strikes in order to get rid of any possible threat to the safety of their native NW Hall.
After a few semesters, the entire high school was under the control of George, Franklin and Englance. Pan, with his new yearbook looked at pictures of the evil Kaizer, Adaalf, Morea, Miet-Nam, Sakkam, and all the other supposed 'leaders of the evil halls'.
He then looked up at George, Franklin and Englance when he realized that they looked identical to the fallen leaders in his yearbook. It was as if their faces had turned into their old leaders faces. Horrified, he began to show this other classmates until George got wind of it.
He realized what Pan was trying to do, and then started accusing Pan of being a Kamunist. Pan was exiled from NW High School after being bitterly defeated by the militaries of the 'free student body'.
Time went on, and things changed and changed. Soon, in the name of protecting the freedom of the free halls, an organization known as the “Thinking-Police” was created by the freedom loving triumvirate. They abolished the English language, and in the name of freedom declared any words that could be used to speak out against them were hence forth illegal words.
Pan watched from a distance with great sadness as freedom was no longer free, but corrupt.

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That's pretty funny.

..In an odd, political kind of way.

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Greg, sometimes I wonder if you need help.

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i must agree. although it was strangly amusing.

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You have quite the imagination =) interesting story~**

pizza brain
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neat story Greg

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luv the story... very funny.

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interesting story........