10-10-2006, 04:16 AM
Hey, Looking For Angels has gotten me to thinking, where have I seen angels in real life? I wanted to start something so you guys could share where you have found them in your life too!

I think the most memorable angel I ever had in my life was back in 2001. My family and I (my mom, baby sister, and younger brother) decided to travel to Toronto, Canada to go to World Youth Day to see Pope JP II :) We drove all the way up from Florida, and stayed with some people we'd never met, which was awesome. We up and did this in the middle of some of the biggest family crisis you can imagine.

They way WYD works is that it's a weeklong thing, with a huge Mass and Pilgrimage over the weekend where you stay overnight in a big field. There were a million (literally) other people there with us. But on the beginning of the Pilgrimage to the fields (a couple of miles) we met this older gentleman at the train station, even though we mixed up the times and had gotten there an hour and a half early. All he had with him was a chair. No food, no backpack, no water. Just a chair. Everyone else had backpacks and sleeping bags and food etc. He had a chair. He rode the train with us to where we got off, and we said our goodbyes.

We saw him once later on the field, in the midst of a million other people from everyplace you can imagine. He was just sitting in his chair watching everyone and he smiled at us.

And then he ended up on the train home with us. He got off before we did this time, and that was the last time we saw him. But we are all convinced he was our angel for the weekend.

10-11-2006, 04:40 PM
Oh that's awesome!

Yeah, I've always thought about how cool it would be to meet an angel and I've been looking for one my whole life. But I don't think I've found one yet. My mom and brother have been rescued by them, I really want to find one, and I hope that when I do I'll treat the angel right. Ya know. Like not be a jerk or something.

10-12-2006, 12:01 PM
i've seen a lot of angels, sometimes i think i see them everyday... As many of you know, Guatemala is not like the safest city in the world, but somehow, i'been really fine, and i love this city, and i dont want to move away. Well the thing is that i came back to home everyday about 10:10-10:30pm because i have clasess, and there is an area i have to go through to get home, this area is a very dangerous part of the city, i dont like it, but it saves me about 20-30mins, a few days ago i was almost getting there, and another car started chasing me, i saw the car, but i thought it was just another car in the road, then i took a turn, and the car took it too, few blocks ahead, i took another turn, and the car tooked it too, and it was getting very close to me AND THEN I THOUGHT... dang, this cant be good, so, I hitted the gas pedal all the way and the car was still chasing me, because of this, i tooked another road to my home, few blocks before getting home, the car took a turn, and i never saw it again.

The next day, i saw on the news that there was a shooting and some guys tried to rob a bank right in the streets I ussualy take.

Now i know, that mysterious car, was an angel pushing me away from that shooting.

...I have like, ummmm maybe 20 or 30 stories like that, but that's maybe the scariest one hehehe