11-20-2006, 12:08 PM
ok, i just moved, and now i'm going to public school cause there aren't that many christian schools where i live.. well, in the past two months at my school i have become the advice guy or the guy that the girls can trust to tell them their problems.. all these people know that i believe in god, and they still come to me for advice wich is really cool..well, it has become really overwelming.. i get sooo many emotions running through me from the stories i hear.. i've heard rape stories, parental abuse stories, cutting, suicide, and struggling with being homosexial or by.. the list can go on.. first, i'm not used to this, i knewthat thios kind of stuff happened but i've never been face to face with it... most of these girls are lost, and i try soo hard of showing god's love through my life.. thinking about how much their lives SUCK, and how much pain they've had to go through.. it just makes me soo sad, and it's becoming overwhelming.. these feelings are starting to affect my realtionship with my best freind... i talk to her everyday, and whenever i talk to her, i'm very moody are just sooo depressed...i pray for these girls everyday, and i talk to them everyday... i love these girls, they are my freinds... i just can't take it anymore!!!!!.. i need prayer really really badly...


pizza brain
11-20-2006, 05:14 PM
Dude I've been where you are and it hurt like hell :'( I still can't bring myself to care about people as much as I used to because of it :( I'll be praying for you
God bless!

11-21-2006, 11:02 AM
you got it man. At the end of each talk...each day, ask God to lift those burdens from your heart. I always pray, each day, that when I talk to others that it would be His words, not mine. Each day, I pray for them and let God do the rest, you just gotta trust Him to handle it. I just look at myself as His worker. It hurts because of the heart that God gave us. A genuine compassion and love for other people. That's what the helper needs help with. That's what God does best.

11-21-2006, 11:05 AM
good words there Scott :)

try to spend some time at the end of each day to allow God to lighten your burden....its not good that you carry all these things on your own...we aren't built for that....just as these people come to you because you listen...you also need someone to talk to...so maybe also pray that God will provide someone or a group of people that you can also go to :)