03-31-2007, 01:02 AM
This is the second version of Web Etiquette that was originally discussed in this thread (http://www.panheads.org/boards/showthread.php?t=3193).

These boards are not an English class. However, there are some guidelines to follow which help ensure we can understand one another. Some of these are flexible and bend, others are pretty fast and hard rules which should be followed.

Punctuation is not optional. Without it, it makes things near impossible to read.

Unless you only have a short post, it should be broken up into paragraphs. Nothing is worse on the eyes than a page full of text.

Unlike printed text, the internet standard is to have an extra 'enter' between paragraphs. Putting that space in between those paragraphs helps the eyes, giving them a rest from a page full of text.

Spelling is critical to understanding. hwo to i no whta yer saing if yu don tspell rite? (that is, "how do i know what you're saying if you don't spell right?") Sentences like that can be deciphered, but doing so impedes the ability of your audience (us) to read what you write, so why not help us out a bit. Webster.com (www.webster.com) is a great dictionary which gives you options for misspelled words. Google (www.google.com) also attempts to correct spelling errors, but it's not always correct.

Capitalization is optional. Though, it does help. At least try to capitalize proper names like John and Bible and God.

Threads are created to discuss specific topics. Pulling a thread onto a different track is like talking about American Idol in the middle of class; it's rude and you can get in trouble for doing it. So don't do it.

To go along with that, this is a message board not an Instant Message center. If you find yourself getting into a conversation with someone, take it to IM or PM (a cool feature on the boards for just such an occasion). There is also a Chat Room (http://www.panheads.org/chat) for those group side conversations.

No one-word posts. If you don't have anything to add to the thread, what's the point in posting? That's right, to get your post the last one in the thread. That's not cool either, and it annoys everyone on the boards.

Also, watch your language. If you wouldn't say it in front of your sweet, cookie-making grandma, don't say it here (if, consequently, you don't have one, think of mine instead). To go with that, alluding to a word is, effectively, the same as saying it. Frick, freakin' and frag are a handful of substitutes for a certain word. You might as well say the word if you're going to substitute for it, but remember, don't say it here.

Please create thread titles which indicate what the thread is about. Let everyone to know, without having to open the thread, what the thread is about. The boards are not SPAM email, you don't need to trick us into opening the thread. If we want to read it, we will, but let us know what it's about.