05-30-2007, 03:31 PM
All Right Theres alot of my friends I knew From Phoenix Arizona that would proably be proud of me I wish I could of told them I know my friend Bill I knew since Elementry School Then Went to School at Chandler High & Hamilton we had the same Special Ed classes.He also really loved God alot. And Theres the people That were scared of me would also be proud of the Choices I ,make Now. Because I was still a really great Guy but at sametime I made Some stupid choices at Elementry School & JR High I listiend to the Wrong people who would use me to get me in trouble by JR High & Highschool I use to be like the Michael Jackson verison with girls I would use to follow them & I would also try to scratch there back & it got me into alot trouble. Then I also had a Disfuntonal Realtionship With my Step Dad He would use to react violently with me Then I would go to my room and write Hate notes about him and had kind of a Emo Auitude towards him and my younger Brothers Ben & Nick. By the Summer of 2003 Would Change My Life My Mom & Step Dad would bring me to Christ At First I did not know about but it took me Awhile. Because At first I thought it would be like the World sees it like a Police or Communist State The Church I accepted Christ Before I went to Desert Son. at my two little brothers Elementry School Twin Peaks.It was a United Methodist Church I saw some of my Regular Student High School Friends There. And Pastor Todd really loved me alot and he saw god in me. I also learned the whole meaning about Jesus and It Really helped me that he died on the cross for my sins, There was a couple were I forget choir or did something by Accident my Step Dad would yell at me but I always went to my room and looked up to God that's a Greater Father. I'm also glad that I can relate to alot of these Christian Alternative bands like Skillet

The Lamma
05-30-2007, 05:05 PM
Thats pretty sweet. But just a friendly hint: paragraphs and double checking your spelling/grammar can help reading ease. I couldn't really understand a bunch of the stuff in the last 1/3 or 1/4. But I did catch what you were going through and how you met Christ for the most part. Its awesome what God can do!